High-end commercial photography, specializing in shooting Architecture, interiors and exteriors.

About Us

Chawla Associates specializes in premium architectural photography. Photographing architecture has the task of formalizing the relationship between structure and light and shadow, and defining the structure through the effective use of both elements. Dave Chawla has the advantage of having a Master’s degree in architecture from the University of Washington, which gives him special insight in terms of the constructive aspects of his project.

Chawla have photographed interiors as well as exteriors for both commercial and residential applications.

The cameras used are very high-end digital format with a gamut of lenses to achieve attention to important elements such as light, background and perspective, which captures the entire “meaning” of the photograph.

For the past 20 years, Chawla have worked with clients from all over the country. The assignments that he has photographed have included multi-million dollar custom homes in Las Vegas, California and Connecticut, nearly all of the hotel mega-resorts in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, and even law firms in New York City. His work has been published in numerous architectural, lighting and design magazines.

Quality is not the only factor that sets Chawla Associates apart. Clients are looking for fine photography that fits within a reasonable budget. This is where we truly shine. A comfortable client relationship and affordable costs are two factors that have made Chawla Associates the firm above the rest.